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"British-Israel Truth", and
"The Great Pyramid, its Divine Message".
What should be our attitude to these things?
pp. 33 - 36
British-Israel Truth.
In nine cases out of ten the attitude of Neh. 6: 3 is the one to adopt when tempted to
turn aside from positive testimony, and only occasionally does the seriousness of error
justify a departure from this rule. If we so desired, we could easily occupy a deal of
space monthly in the unsavoury exposure of the erroneous teaching that is growing all
around, but we have neither the commission to attempt the task, nor the qualification
necessary to make it profitable. There is, however, a double line of teaching that appears
to have fascinated many true children of God, and as we have been asked more than once
what our attitude might be, we feel that a brief word may be of service to the generality
of readers. The two lines of teaching about which we have been asked to express opinion
are (1) Anglo-Israelism, and (2) The Witness of the Great Pyramid.
Anglo-Israelism, or British-Israel Truth, as it is called teaches that the "lost" ten tribes
of Israel migrated across Europe, and by a series of divinely guided settlements or
invasions found themselves established in Great Britain. There are as adjuncts to this
idea wonderful stories which speak of Jeremiah coming to Ireland with a daughter of
Zedekiah, bringing with him also the ark of the covenant and the stone used by Jacob at
Bethel, which stone is now under the Coronation Throne in Westminster Abbey. Into all
this we do not here attempt to enter, but we draw attention to one serious and awful result
of accepting Anglo-Israelism.
Under this teaching the reigning house of Britain is said to be the dynasty of David,
and a book is published by one whose letters are M.A., F.R.G.S., and A.V.1:, to prove
that our present King, His majesty George V, is a direct and lineal descendant of David
through the marriage brought about by Jeremiah between the daughter of Zedekiah and a
King who ruled in Ulster, Northern Ireland. Together with this is the teaching that the
"Stone Kingdom" of Dan. 2: is the British Empire, and that it began to function round
about 1558A.D. The whole fabric is so monstrously unscriptural, and so manifestly
untrue, that the space devoted to its exposure would be sheer waste were it not for this
serious and anti-Christian issue. Anglo-Israelism, by declaring that the British reigning
house "is in direct succession" to the throne of David, aims a blow at the royal rights of
the Lord Jesus!
Two genealogies of the Lord appear in Matthew 1: and Luke 3:, respectively, the
one through David's son Solomon, the other through David's son Nathan. These two
lines meet in the person of Christ, and are exhausted in Him. The Lord Jesus Christ is