The Berean Expositor
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To our new readers.
p. 177
It is a joy to those responsible for this magazine to know that many who subscribed to
the first volume are still keenly interested in its witness. At the same time we gladly
welcome every new reader, trusting that they may be an additional strength in this
fellowship of the gospel, while the darkness deepens and perilous times draw near.
We realize, however, that there are many items known to older readers that must seem
puzzling to new subscribers, and so, without going over the ground already covered, we
hope to help the newcomer as well as more fully establish the veteran by commencing a
series in January, 1928, entitled:--
The Mystery.
Its meaning, its message and its ministry.
We should value the co-operation of all readers in drawing the attention of any who
would profit by such a series. Do you know of any gift costing 3s. that would represent
as much value for the outlay?  Let us send a copy to your friend.  Canadian and
Australian readers are reminded of the honorary agencies tabled on the notices page.