The Berean Expositor
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An opportunity to serve.
p. 129
Most of our readers visit from time to time the libraries that are to be found in our
towns, and we wonder whether they have ever felt a twinge of conscience as they
observed the serried ranks of papers and magazines which are there for the reader. The
special feature we have in mind is that so many of the "cults" and "isms" go out of
their way to provide these reading rooms with every opportunity to become acquainted
with their special teaching.
It is a matter that has often come to us that we too should be as diligent and as
unselfish. May we ask you to share with others in your neighbourhood the cost of
providing a free copy of The Berean Expositor at the Free Library in your locality?
We believe that if one reader but mentioned it to others the response would be immediate.
Take a spare copy to the Librarian and submit it for approval, assuring him that it will be
supplied regularly, and ask the Lord to bless the effort.  Others may find enough
encouragement to be able to present a copy of The Apostle of the Reconciliation for
the library also. Let us "redeem the time" for the night is far spent.
"He that doth indeed go forth and weep, bearing seed enough to trail along,
doth surely come in with shouting, bringing his sheaves" (Psa. 126: 6)