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The Body in Ephesians.
p. 106
A beloved reader raises the question as to why we have given but one reference to the
doctrinal portion of Ephesians in the structure set out on page 52 of the present volume.
In case other readers should be perplexed and conclude that we have acted arbitrarily,
we point out that the reference to the body in Eph. 2: 16 refers to the individual body of
the Lord Himself and not to the church. Similarly we omitted the reference in 5: 28, for
there the reference is not to the church, but to the body of the individual believer.
To place the matter clearly before the reader we will set out the complete structure,
including all references, but marking the passages that do not enter into the argument of
Eph. 4: 16:--
The Body.
A | 1: 23. The church which is His body.
B | 2: 16. Reconcile. Reference to the Lord's own body.
C | 4: 4. The one body.
D | 4: 12. Gifts for building up.
E  |  4: 16-.  Fitly joined together.
D | 4: -16. Member for growth.
C | 5: 23. Christ the Head.
B | 5: 28. Love. Reference to believer's own body.
A | 5: 30. The church and members.