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Again. There are certain things associated with the revealed will of God which have
to do with a kingdom, a throne, a crown. Has the throne of God been touched in this
great fall? and is it the work of Christ to give that throne its rightful place again? The
"end" or the "goal" is declared to be "that God may be all in all". It is evident that a
negation of this blessed consummation is implied in such words as pride, disobedience,
sin, sorrow, death. When was this blissful state first broken, and by whom? These are
some of the questions we have to consider.
5. THE TWO SEEDS.--We believe that a due recognition of the two seeds in
Scripture will solve the apparent contradiction which some find in such passages as those
which speak of the "ransom for all", and those which speak of destruction and of not
being found in the book of life.
6. THE ACTIONS OF CHRIST.--Many a word and act of Christ will be found to be
of far greater import than can be appreciated while we do not perceive the mighty sweep
of the age purpose. We have already realized what light dispensational truth throws
upon the words and acts of Christ. May we not expect to see greater fulness and
intention when we see them in the light of the aionian purpose? We are confident that
we shall.
7. GOD.--One of the most stupendous results of this wider view will be connected
with God Himself. Such passages as I Tim. 6: 15, 16 will mean a great deal more to us
when we appreciates what the effect of the great fall and its consequent darkness and
confusion has had upon the manifestation of God, and conversely what effect, glorious
beyond words, the restoring of all things to their original perfection will have upon the
interrelationship of God and His creatures, when all mediation fulfils its office and
departs leaving "God all in all".
These seven features will not be compressed into seven articles, neither can we bind
ourselves in any slavish manner to pursue them in a fixed order. They are given as an
indication of the general drift of our studies together, but we hold ourselves free to follow
the light of truth into ways and paths unknown to ourselves at the time of