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New Series.
#1. Redemption, and its Place in the Purpose of the Ages.
pp. 17 - 19
It will be remembered that we pursued the theme of Redemption in the Scriptures up
to a certain point, and then called a halt in order to give the necessary time for a wider
survey of the purpose of the ages. This we felt to be necessary, as many parts of the great
purpose of redemption can only be correctly understood in the light of the greater
purpose of the ages.
Upon stepping back, so to speak, and obtaining a wider view, we realized that our
investigations must take us back long before the fall of man in order to find the seat and
cause of the trouble out of which we can be delivered only by redemption. In order to
assist the reader, and to set the matter before the eye in something like order, we shall
summarize our findings in this article, and then proceed in subsequent numbers to
consider them more carefully and in detail.
1. THE GREAT CONFLICT.--Away behind the creation and fall of man is another
creation and fall. This is indicated in the opening verses of Gen. 1: The condition
introduced in Gen. 1: 2 as "tohu and bohu", "without form and void", is one of
judgment upon sin. This of course awaits fuller investigation and proof, which it will
receive in subsequent studies.
2. THE ADVERSARY.--In meeting the perplexity of the disciples at the apparent
failure of their testimony to the near advent of the kingdom the Lord said, "an enemy
hath done this". These words may be applied to the wider issue; and creation's groan
and curse, Adam's sin and death, and all the misery and suffering that has filled this evil
age, are all traceable back to the prince of this world, the god of this age, known as
Satan, the Adversary. It will be among our earliest considerations to acquaint ourselves
with the teaching of Scripture as to Satan and his activities.
3. THE CHERUBIM.--These symbolic creatures must be given their place likewise
in our studies, and a link will be found between them and Satan, Adam, Israel and the
coming restoration.
4. SOME QUESTIONS.--Certain features of Scripture cause questions to shape
themselves. For example: it can be shown that the ultimate object of the purpose of the
ages is the glory of God. We are conscious that should a mortal take as his object his
own glory he would but cover himself with shame. The question comes then, How is it
that the glory of God is so emphasized? Can it be that the great Adversary has, at least in
intention, sullied that glory, and that one of the objects of the age purpose is to reinstate it
in all its undimmed splendour?