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"I am satisfied with the words of Christ."
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Two Christian brethren were standing, with open Bibles, discussing some theme
(apparently of great interest), and as the subject of their discussion may possibly interest
you, let us draw a little nearer so that we may get the benefit of their remarks. We will
call them for the sake of clearness A and B.
A.--I am satisfied with the words of Christ.
B.--Brother, believe me, we are one in that blessed fact, for He is the truth, His words are
spirit and life, He came to reveal the Father, and the heart of every believer still says,
"Show us the Father and it sufficeth us". We are both satisfied with the words of Christ.
A.--You interrupted me, I was going to say, I am satisfied with the words of Christ and
do not need the opinions of Paul or any other man.
B.--By the "words of Christ", then, I understand you to mean the four Gospels, and by the
opinions of Paul, I take it that you mean the epistles written by that servant of God. Let
me just ask you a question? Am I right in assuming that the words of Christ with which
you are satisfied are those of the four Gospels?
B.--I see. You have not therefore any words of Christ written by Himself?
A.--Of course not!
B.--What words of Christ you have therefore were written by other men, and not by
A.--They were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
B.--Pardon me if I appear too persistent, but supposing I were to take your line and say,
"I do not want the opinions of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, I want the actual words of
Christ Himself", what would you say?
A.--I should say that in these four Gospels we have the words of Christ, written by
these men as they were guided and inspired by the Spirit of truth. Look at this passage in
John 14: 26:--