The Berean Expositor
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Dan. 2: 34 and 45 it is the word that corresponds to the rendering "cut out" in the
passage which deals with the vision of the stone which was cut out without hands.
Orthotomeo occurs in the LXX version of Prov. 3: 6:--"In all thy ways acknowledge
Him, and He shall rightly divide thy paths". What sense would there be in the rendering
"He shall handle thy paths aright?"
In modern surgical usage Anatomy means to cut up, Tracheotomy means to make an
opening in the windpipe, and so on. It appears to us that if we allow the Word to speak
for itself it will tell us to "rightly divide" or "cut" the Word of truth. That will be
handling it honestly and will enable us to perceive the marvelous unfolding of the
purpose of the ages in the various dispensations indicated in Scripture.