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The two questions that follow asked in addition to the above what was the meaning of
the word under consideration.
Matt. 26: 14-25.--
(1). Write the verses which speak of the words "Betray" and "Betrayed".
(2). What does Betray mean?
(3). What is the Greek word?
For the Greek the little one obtained the mother's help and wrote parado. We had to
explain how the Concordance could not give every part of the word and that there we
should find paradidomi.
Matt. 27: 11-26.
What verses have the word "release"?
What does release mean?
Who was released?
What is the Greek word?
In this case we had to show that some Concordances and Dictionaries use apoluein,
while others use apoluo. This may sound very terrible to read, but our principle is to face
the difficulties, and not shelve them. Even though the little one cannot follow the
grammatical reasons, the puzzle and the mystery have been dispelled.  In this last
question, one further feature was added, "Who was released?" to test whether the more
mechanical noting of words dulled the intelligent reading of the passage.
It will be seen that given a little sympathetic guidance, the little feet may soon be
started upon that way, all the paths of which are peace and pleasantness. There is nothing
exceptional we admit, and we have given the plain unvarnished record in the hope that it
may stimulate others to go and do likewise.