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3. Go through Romans and Galatians and note every reference to "law". What do
you learn regarding its place in the purpose? Go through Matthew and Acts for the
same. Do you note any difference?
4. Can you find grace in operation before the coming the Christ? Go through
Romans, Galatians and Ephesians, noting every reference to grace. Does grace
extend to all men, or to the elect?
5. In what part, and in what connections, is mercy mentioned in Romans? Wherein
do these passages differ from those in Romans which deal with grace?
6. Go through the book of Judges and note the work of the judge, e.g., 2: 16
"deliver" (same word as "save", 6: 14). Take the word "judgment", and write out
the passages where it is linked with mercy, deliverance, instruction.
Consider carefully and state the design and effect of punishment in
Lev. 26: 14-46; Isa. 9: 13; Ezek. 20: 26; Hag. 2: 17; II Cor. 13: 10; I Tim. 1: 20;
Rev. 9: 20, 21, 16: 9-11; Prov. 20: 30; Isa. 26: 9; Isa. 4: 4; Dan. 4: 25, 26;
Hos. 5: 15, 6: 4; Judges 10: 15; II Chron. 33: 9-13.
7. Does Rev. 20: teach that all those who stand before the Great White Throne are
cast into the lake of fire? Collect parallels to the judgment according to works.
Where do you place such a passage as Jer. 31: 20?  Explain as fully as you can
John 5: 28, 29.
The Purpose of the Ages.
Course 100: Paper #6.
pp. 94, 95
The purpose of the ages may be divided into three spheres, (1) earthly, (2) heavenly,
and (3) super-celestial, this last one being the dispensation of the mystery. For our
present purpose, however, we can combine (2) and (3), waiting until our studies have
advanced sufficiently for us to appreciate the distinction.  We find TWO TIME
PERIODS.--(1) From, or since the foundation of the world, and (2) Before the
foundation of the world.
NOTE.--"Foundation" in these references is the Greek word katabole, which means
"to cast down". The verb is so translated in II Cor. 4: 9 and Rev. 12: 10, and in the
Septuagint (Greek version of O.T.) it occurs in II Sam. 20: 15; Hag. 2: 22. In all its
occurrences "to throw down" is a good rendering. The time referred to may be Gen. 1: 2,
or at the flood--in either case it should be rendered before or since the "overthrow of the
TWO SPHERES OF OPERATION.--The earth, and the heavens. Both become
involved in sin and uncleanness, and both have a future in the redemptive plan.