The Berean Expositor
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of "to try, prove, assay, experience by trial"; and yet again it gives us doxa, "glory,
esteem, honour, praise."
While it may be impossible to convey in a translation these reflected lights and family
connections, we can remember, as we read the Father's motive, that His good pleasure
speaks to us of immeasureable goodness, benevolence and kindness, but not indulgence
or shortsighted affection; graciousness which does not ignore our failings, but which has
mercifully provided for them in Christ. All His blessings move in the sphere of love; all
His favours are according to this wonderful good pleasure and this marvellous will. Let
us rest here. This good and perfect and acceptable will of God may be "proved" or
"experienced" by us. Rom. 12: 1, 2 indicates the way and means. May these things be
not merely doctrines with us, but life-giving realities, working in us a realization even
now of all the good pleasure of His goodness.