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Structure of II Timothy.
pp. 90-91
We have been requested by a reader to give the structure of II Timothy, and have been
asked whether we would be willing to give other structures when required. We should be
very pleased to be of service in this way if light is given to us upon the passage under
notice. We, of course, cannot give structures "to order," neither our time nor ability
being equal to such a demand. We give below the very barest outline of II Timothy.
The importance of Paul's ministry is so emphasized, both negatively and positively, that
we felt it would be best to let the structure of each part with its elaboration remain over
for some future issue.
Members A and A emphasize the forsaking of Paul and its effects. Members B
and B link Paul's words and teaching with suffering and reigning. Members C and C
suggest "rightly dividing the Word of truth" as the safeguard against error, and give
illustrations of the danger of not so doing:--
A | 1:1-18. Paul and his message forsaken. The Lord his keeper.
Phygellus and Hermogenes, examples of forsakers.
Onesiphorus, "The Lord give mercy."
B | 2:1-13. Teach the things heard of me (exclusive).
Suffering and reigning. "The crown."
C | 2:14-26. Hymenaeus and Philetus have erred concerning the truth.
"Shun." "They will increase unto more ungodliness."
C | 3:1-9. Jannes and Jambres examples of those who withstand the truth."
"Turn away." "They shall proceed no further."
B | 3:10-4:8. "Thou hast fully followed my teaching, etc.
(reference to period before associated with the Twelve).
Suffering and reigning. "The crown."
A | 4:9-22. Paul and his message forsaken. The Lord stood by.
Demas, example of forsakers.
Alexander, "The Lord recompense."