Robertson's Word Pictures in the NT - Greek NT


vers 1.
Impossible (anendekton). Inadmissable. Only here in New Testament. See on it cannot be, ch. xiii. 33.

Offenses. See on offend, Matt. v. 29; and compare on Matt. xvi. 23.

vers 2.
It were better (lusitelei). Only here in New Testament. The verb means to pay what is due, and is equivalent to our phrase, it pays.

Millstone. Compare Matt. xviii. 6. The correct reading here is liqov mulikov, a millstone; not a great millstone as Matthew.

Thrown (erriptai). Hurled: with an underlying sense of violence, called out by so great an outrage.

vers 3.
Rebuke. See on straitly charged, ch. ix. 21.

vers 6.
Sycamine. Or mulberry. Luke distinguishes between this and sukomorea, the fig-mulberry (ch. xix. 4). The names were sometimes confused, but a physician would readily make the distinction, as both were used medicinally.

vers 9.
I trow not. Omitted by the best texts.

vers 10.
Unprofitable (acreioi). From creia, requirement; something which the master must pay. Not useless, but having rendered no service beyond what was due. "The profit does not begin until the servant goes beyond his obligation" (Meyer). "A servant owes all things" (Bengel).

vers 11.
Through the midst of. It may also mean between or on the borders of. The Am. Rev. insists on the latter.

vers 12.
Lepers. See on ch. v. 12.

vers 20.
With observation (meta parathrhsewv). Only here in New Testament. The progress of the kingdom cannot be defined by visible marks like that of an earthly kingdom. Its growth in the world is a process of pervasion, like the working of the leaven through the lump.

vers 21.
Within. Better, in the midst of. Meyer acutely remarks that "you refers to the Pharisees, in whose hearts nothing certainly found a place less than did the ethical kingdom of God." Moreover, Jesus is not speaking of the inwardness of the kingdom, but of its presence. "The whole language of the kingdom of heaven being within men, rather than men being within the kingdom, is modern" (Trench, after Meyer).

vers 24.
Lighteneth (astraptousa). Only here and ch. xxiv. 4.

vers 25.
Rejected. See on disallowed, 1 Pet. ii. 4; and tried, 1 Pet. i. 7.

vers 31.
Goods. See on Matt. xii. 29.

On the house-top. See on Matt. xxiv. 17.

vers 33.
Shall preserve (zwogonhsei). Only here and Acts vii. 19. Originally to engender; thence to produce alive or endue with life, and so to preserve alive. Wyc., shall quicken it.

vers 37.
Eagles. See on Matt. xxiv. 28.

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