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We account Dr. E. W. Bullinger among history's greatest Biblical scholars. His vast contribution to scriptural research and interpretation can be paralleled by few men.

We rejoice in the Lord for the opportunity to make the writings of this giant of the faith available to the internet. However, we feel it is our responsibility to point out that many of Mr. Bullinger's earlier writings reflect what we refer to as a mid-Acts view. For many years it was his understanding that the Church, which is the subject of Paul's letters to the Ephesians and Colossians, had its historical beginning sometime during "Acts times". Then there came the day in Mr. Bullingers's life that "The Spirit of Truth" began to enlighten his spiritual understanding concerning three very vital aspects:

  1. The complete setting aside of the nation Israel was at Acts 28:28.
  2. That this act of God marked out the true dispensational frontier.
  3. That the "Revelation of the Mystery" was given to the apostle Paul after "Acts times" .

May we suggest Mr. Bullinger's later writing, "Foundations of Dispensational Truth", where he fully expounds his later view.

"THAT - you may approve things that are "excellent". Philippians 1:10

  HTML-version The Book of Job
224 pages - E.W. Bullinger
The oldest lesson in the world, as seen in the Book of Job, is that man's way is not necessarily God's way. In this study, E. W. Bullinger shows how the perfect workmanship of God is exhibited in our lives, even in times of great adversity. This lesson is essential to enjoying peace with God for time and eternity.

Bullinger's commentary on the most ancient book of the Bible offers insights into God's work in our lives. The author also gives us a distinctive translation of the Book of Job with explanatory notes and follows the literary and critical style of the book. In addition, figures of speech and divine names and titles are given special attention. Every Bible student will find much practical help in this unique approach to the Book of Job.
  HTML-version Figures of Speech used in the Bible
1104 pages - E.W. Bullinger
Have you ever wondered what the difference between a parable, a proverb, a fable, an allegory, a type, or a symbol was? Did you ever wonder what the difference between a simile, a metaphor, an idiom, an oxymoron, an ellipsis, an irony, or a climax was? These are all examples of figures of speech used in the Bible. Many portions of the Bible are written in figurative language making some things seem hard to be understood. But God didn't give us His Word to confuse us! He uses figures of speech to paint pictures for us, to emphasize His points, etc. Bullinger is THE authority on the figures of speech used in the Bible and this is the very best work I know of on this subject.

The introduction of this book very briefly explains what figures of speech are, how the ancient Greeks started them and the Romans continued them, how these figures were brought back to life after having almost died out in the Middle Ages. The history of them is not essential for their use, but is there if someone is interested. Bullinger describes 217 distinct Scripture figures of speech, defined as a word or sentence in a peculiar form, different from its original or simplest meaning or use. Each figure includes the pronunciation and etymology, as well as passages of Scripture in which it appears, and a full explanation. Nearly 8,000 passages are cited and seven helpful indexes and five appendices are included as well.
PDF-version HTML-version The Christian's Greatest Need
6 pages - E.W. Bullinger
PDF-version HTML-version Ten sermons on the second Advent
144 pages - E.W. Bullinger
A look at the Second Coming from both the Old and New Testaments.
PDF-version HTML-version The rich man and Lazarus
40 pages - E.W. Bullinger
In dealing with Luke 16:19-31, and the subject of the so-called 'intermediate state, Bullinger states: "it is important that we should confine ourselves to the Word of God, and not go to tradition". He continues, "It is absolutely impossible that the traditional interpretation can be correct, because, if it were, it would be directly opposed to all the other teaching of Scripture."

In this booklet, before analysing the story itself, the author considers a number of issues like Hades, the Apostles Creed, Christ's words to the dying thief, "absent from the body" and Paul's desire in Philippians 1:23. The so-called parable itself is seen in the light of the traditions of the Pharisees and the reader may be surprised at how much of an influence these traditions had on early Christianity and how some still permeate our thinking today.

  HTML-version Appendixes to The Companion Bible
227 pages - Dr. E.W. Bullinger
Levend Water has put ALL the 198 Appendixes of The Companion Bible on the site. The Appendixes were written by Dr. E.W. Bullinger. For your convenience we have linked the Appendixes together as Bullinger has done in the Companion Bible.

The Companion Bible (KJV) is the absolute BEST Study Bible that I know of. Each Book of the Bible is introduced, outlined and it's structure is shown. Every page of the text has a parallel column jammed packed with explanatory notes. Many of the Old Testament notes are based upon Ginzberg's Massorah (small writings in the margins of the Hebrew texts). E. W. Bullinger, the Editor of The Companion Bible, was the only Christian Ginzberg allowed to help him with his collection of the Masoretic Notes or even to see them. This is the ONLY place I know where an English reader has access to this extremely enlightening material. The New Testament marginal notes are a great help to any Bible student, as well! Not to mention the virtual treasure trove of Bible knowledge available in the 198 appendixes in the back of the book. We hope you enjoy the Appendixes.

PDF-version HTML-version The Apocalypse
736 pages - dr. E.W. Bullinger
The pastor, teacher and serious student will find this book practical and helpful in its literal acceptance of God's Word. This is not a commentary of other men's views "warmed over". You will find other commentators views not merely parroted, but challenged. No ill-founded ten nation Europe is presented.

In this creative and masterful commentary, the Book of Revelation is treated, not as a book to be interpreted by man, but as God's own interpretation of the future to us, and what will take place in "the Day of the Lord". You will be challenged in every chapter, on almost every page, to confirm your views of interpretation, or to accept the view E.W. Bullinger is presenting.

PDF-version HTML-version The Witness of the Stars
204 pages - Dr. E.W. Bullinger
In THE WITNESS OF THE STARS E.W. Bullinger builds on Joseph Seiss's brilliant work as well as related books. While Seiss explored the historical and cultural background to the origins of the zodiac and the gospel enthroned there, Bullinger spends more time comparing the original constellation and star meanings with texts in the Old and New Testaments.

Starting with Psalm 19, he builds a solid case as to the intertwined revelations of Bible (the Word in text) and zodiac (the Word in the stars). The author goes into great detail exploring the star names in various ancient languages as well as all corresponding scripture. His case is more than convincing. The amount of ancient legendary and linguistic evidence is nothing short of amazing. If one believes in God and that He can do all things, what is so hard about believing that He can put His message...His plan, in the heavens. Even an honest skeptic will have to wonder if all of this could be coincidence. It would be impossible for this to happen by chance. It would be easier to win the lottery a thousand times in a row.

The best feature of Bullinger's book is his carefully researched word studies. Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, and other languages are searched for roots and word names for certain stars. Unbelievably many cultures all had the same idea or meaning (or story) for a certain star or stars. The author seems to have tapped into an ancient memory trace where at one time humans had a more perfect knowledge of the stars, the skies, and the plan of the ages. There are stories that say that Enoch or Noah had a clear knowledge of earth's creation, design, and ultimate plan. The Bible touches on this, and other writings add confirmation such as the Chaldean creation story.

This work will open a whole new world for the believer. An amazing body of evidence exists that the heavens were designed to tell us the story of humankind on earth--a story of a fall and tragedy for generations, interrupted by a virgin born man who would suffer and atone, die, and live again, leave and return to destroy the serpent and dragon. The stars, the zodiac signs are not a negative thing as some preachers teach, but a God designed creation, evidence that will make one pause and ponder as to the plans of the unseen Mind in control of all things.

PDF-version HTML-version Number in Scripture  
292 pages - Dr. E.W. Bullinger
Reverent minds have long been attracted by the phenomena of Biblical Numerics. In many cases the use and the reuse of numbers in the Bible leave the impression that a deeper significance is intended than that first meets the eye. This volume, for hunderd years the standard introduction tot Biblical numerology, gathers instances of perfection in design, symmetry and order in God's creation and in Holy Scriptures, leading to spiritual lessons which these fascinating examples teach.

Are you familiar with numbers in scripture? Did you know that they are used "not merely as in Nature, with supernatural design, but with spiritual significance." In fact, the Holy Spirit uses what you could call a "number code" in scripture which allows us to partake of that "hidden manna" and reach a deeper level of understanding of what is being said. Here are just a few examples of numbers and their meaning (See Companion Bible, appendix 10):

1 = God,
2 = Division,
3 = Complete,
4 = The World,
5 = Grace,
6 = Man,
7 = Spiritual Perfection,
8 = Resurrection, New Beginning,
10 = Law, Ordinal Perfection (10 Commandments),
12 = Governmental Perfection (12 Tribes, 12 Apostles)

Here is yet another great book by the insightful E.W. Bullinger. Number is Scripture is fascinating and shocking, as it sheds light on the hidden footprints of the Holy Spirit in the scripture. Readers learn about the significance of what previously seemed like meaningless numbers. Everything in the Bible has a meaning, numbers included. Don't miss reading the book along with the Bible. Some of the tidbits in this book are worth a king's ransom, such as where 360 degrees came from, why there are 12 zodiac signs, why certain numbers are used in the Bible, etc. The book helps in making the Bible fun to read.

An invaluable guide to the study of Bible Numerics. The first part of the book deals with the designs involved in the numbers and numerical features of the Word of God, evidencing as it does the Designer who devised it. The second part covers the spiritual significance and symbolic connotations of those numbers which repeatedly appear in the same or similar contexts and connections throughout the Bible.

PDF-version HTML-version How to ENJOY the Bible
418 pages - dr. E.W. Bullinger
The Bible is not enjoyed because the Bible is not understood. The methods and rules by which alone such an understanding may be gained are not known or followed; hence the Bible is a neglected book. The question Philip addressed to the Eunuch (Acts 8:30,31) is still greatly needed: Understandeth thou what thou readest? And the Eunuch's answer is only too true to-day: How can I, except some man should guide me?

In this book certain canons or principles are laid down, and each is illustrated by applying them to certain passages by way of examples. These are intended to be taken only as examples; and the principles involved are intended to be used for the elucidation of other passages in the course of Bible study. By the aid of twelve simple canons or rules, other passages and subjects may be taken up and pursued both with pleasure and profit -- subjects which are even yet matters of controversy and of conflict.

We have to remember that the Bible is not a book of pure Science on the one hand, nor is it a book of Theology on the other. Yet all its science is not only true, but its statements are the foundation of all true science. And, it is Theology itself; for it contains all that we can ever know about God. The cloud that now rests over its intelligent study arises from the fact that it is with us to-day as with the Jews of old -- "The Word of God has been made of none effect by the traditions of men" (Matt. 15:1-9). Failing to understand the Scriptures we cease to feed on them; then as a natural consequence, and in inverse proportion, we lean on and submit to "the doctrines of men," and finally reach a theological desert.

We believe that this book will furnish just that help which Bible students need. This text has but one object to "Open the book"; to let it speak; to hear its voice; to study it from within itself; and have regard to other objects and subjects, only from what The Word of God teaches about them. The method of the "Higher" criticism is to discredit The Book, or a passage on internal evidence. How To Enjoy The Bible takes the method to establish and accredit Holy Scripture on internal evidence also, and thus to derive and provide, from its own pharmacopoeia, an antidote to that subtle and malignant poison.

This method of study will reveal more convincing and "infallible proof" of inspiration than can be adduced from all the reasonings and arguments of men. Like Ezra of old, this books desire is to "Open the Book" and let it speak for itself, with the full conviction that if this can be done it can speak more loudly, and more effectively for itself, than any man can speak on its behalf.

  HTML-version The Two Natures in the Child of God
60 pages - E.W. Bulinger
The experience of the child of God is described, in Galatians 5:17, in the following words: "the flesh lusteth against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other; so that ye cannot do the things that ye would."

In every thing but this the mere professor can imitate the true child of God: and it is this which distinguishes the merely religious person from the real Christian. Every true child of God always has an abiding experience of conflict within, as described in Galatians 5:17. But not every child of God understands the doctrine concerning it. To have the experience without knowing the doctrine is the fruitful source of confusion, disquietude, and discouragement. To know the doctrine and not to have the experience is fatal, and means eternal disaster.

The only remedy for this is to learn, direct from the Word of God, all that is there taught concerning the nature inherited through generation by Adam, and the nature bestowed through regeneration by God. This alone can give the believer the true knowledge concerning "God's workmanship"; and the key to his experiences which are otherwise inexplicable to him. When the doctrine of the two natures is clearly understood, then, that which before was the cause of doubt is not only removed, but it becomes the ground of assurance; and is, indeed, the best assurance that one can ever have that he is God's workmanship, and that God has actually begun in him that good work which He Himself will perfect and complete (Phil. 1:6).

The object of the book is to give the knowledge of this doctrine, so that the experience, which produces doubt and fear, may become the source of peace and joy.

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