Biblico - Theological Lexicon
New Testament Greek


Hermann Cremer

Original in One Volume

Charles H. Welch wrote:

We draw attention to the Biblico-Theological Lexicon of the New Testament Greek, by Herman Cremer, D.D., translated from the German by William Urwick, M.A., and published by T. F. Clark. In the preface of this work, Cremer says:

"A Lexical handling of N.T. Greek must, if it is to be really a help to the understanding of the documents of revelation, be directed mainly to that department of the linguistic store which is necessarily affected by the influence we have described, i.e. , to the expressions of spiritual life, moral and religious. For other portions of the linguistic treasury the Lexicons of classical Greek suffice."

This monumental work has 913 pages and are followed by an alphabetical Index of Greek Words, an Index of Synonyms Compared, an Index of Texts in the N.T. specially referred to, an Index of Biblico-Theological Subjects, and lastly an Index of Hebrew Words referred to.


Index I Words alphabetically arranged

Lexicon of NT Greek

α  β  γ  δ  ε

ζ  η  θ  ι   κ

λ  μ  ν  ξ  ο

π  ρ  ς  σ  τ

υ  φ  χ  ψ  ω

Index II Synonyms compared
Index III Index of texts in the NT
Index IV Biblico- Theological subjects
Index V Hebrew words referred to


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