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The Greek Testament
Volume II
Acts, Romans, Corinthians


Henry Alford

Charles H. Welch wrote:

Our survey of the many translations of the Scriptures that are of service to the workman in the Word, would not be at all complete without a reference to those larger works that not only give a translation, but provide a commentary at the same time. We draw the reader's attention to the following. Both Bloomfield and Webster & Wilkinson refer to Alford's monumental work the third edition of which was published in 1856. It was entitled:

"The Greek Testament, with a critically revised text: a digest of various readings: marginal references to verbal and idiomatic usage: prolegomena: and a critical and exegetical commentary." By Henry Alford, B.D.

Each section of this work is prefaced by Prolegomena which treat of Authorship, Origin, Readers, Time, Place and Language, Genuineness and Authenticity, Style and Character. While Alford supplied the reader with the names of the MSS that are both for and against certain readings, the reader would do well to follow his leading with caution as in the last report Alford gave too great a prominence to "internal probability". He adopted that reading "which on the whole seemed most likely to have stood in the original Text". In the notes that accompany the Greek Text, the student will find not only a suggestive translation, but the reasons for and against the rendering adopted together with arguments for rejecting or accepting the translations of such commentators as Calvin, Benger and Meyer, beside a copious reference of the "Fathers"

The reader must be prepared, in practically all his researches, to find that "Dispensational Truth" is scarcely recognized, and that most commentators hold opinions concerning hell, baptism, the Lord's Supper, etc., that are contrary to the teaching for which The Berean Expositor stands. With all this however, those works mentioned here if used with discretion can become tools in the hands of the workman of God, especially in the elucidation of the finer points of grammar and translation, leaving the reader himself the privilege and responsibility of arriving at the true interpretation and application of the truth thus illuminated.



Contents of the prolegomena
I. Acts
II. Romans
III. 1 Corinthians
IV. 2 Corinthians
V. Apparatus criticus


The Greek Testament
Volume II

Henry Alford

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