By Charles H. Welch

ABOVE. Ano, Anothen an adverb allied with the preposition ana ‘up’.

(All references)
John 2:7.
‘They filled them up to the brim’.
‘Ye are from beneath; I am from above’.
‘Jesus lifted up His eyes’.
Acts 2:19.
‘I will shew wonders in heaven above’.
Gal. 4:26.
‘Jerusalem which is above is free’.
Phil. 3:14.

‘The prize of the high calling of God’.

Col. 3:1.
‘Seek those things which are above’.
‘Set your affection on things above’.
Heb. 12:15.
‘Any root of bitterness springing up’.

‘Things above’ are placed in contrast with ‘things on the earth’ and are associated with that sphere of glory ‘where Christ sitteth at the right hand of God’ (Col. 3:1,2). This is the third and highest sphere of blessing, the other two being ‘the earth’ and ‘the heavenly Jerusalem’. This third sphere of blessing is said to be ‘far above all principality and power’ ‘in the super-heavenlies’ (Eph. 1:20,21). Here the words ‘far above all’ are the translation of huperano, and the rendering ‘super-heavenlies’ is an attempt to do justice to the composition and usage of en tois epouraniois. For a fuller examination of these terms, see under FAR ABOVE ALL, and HEAVENLY PLACES, both of which are moreover comprehended in the main article entitled THREE SPHERES. The passages which concern us, are those in Galatians, Philippians and Colossians.

The dispensational place of the New Jerusalem is discussed under THREE SPHERES, and the problem of the employment of ano an adverb in the place of an adjective is dealt with under The HOPE and THE PRIZE, where the alternative translations ‘THE HIGH CALLING’ and ‘THE CALLING ON HIGH’, are considered. The subject of the epistle to the PHILIPPIANS as a whole, and as it is related to the dispensation of the Mystery should be examined in order that the true value of these ‘things above’, which should engage our affections, may be estimated accurately.

The references to ano in Colossians involve a consideration of three allied themes:

Where is Christ now seated.
What is implied by the fact that He is seated.
What is involved in His position at the right hand of God.

These themes are dealt with under the heading, SEATED.

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