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Volume 9 - Prophetic Truth - Page 93 of 223
beginning (Gen. 2:9), but it reveals that it will still be a possibility.  It
indicates that the final step has been reached before the 'end', when the
last enemy, death, shall be destroyed, which 'end' will bring about the last
great correspondence of Scripture, and Genesis 1:1 will find its echo in the
words 'that God may be all in all'.
When the apostle reached about half way through the epistle to the
Hebrews, he stopped at the end of chapter 7 to say:
'Now of the things which we have spoken this is the sum' (Heb. 8:1).
He had admitted earlier that there were some things to say concerning
Melchisedec that were 'hard to be understood' (Heb. 5:11); in this case the
difficulty was caused by the fact that his hearers were 'dull of hearing'.
In our case, the position must be reversed.  We do not write, as he did, by
inspiration of God, and we do not for the moment believe that our readers are
in any way dull of hearing.  We have endeavoured as grace is given to be
careful to avoid ambiguity, to give chapter and verse, to demonstrate by
fairly full quotation the interpretations suggested, and to avoid mere text
quotation that ignores the context.  Even so, we have no right to believe
that everyone has followed in every detail so closely that a r,sum, would not
be useful, as the same apostle said in another context, 'to write the same
things to you, to me indeed is not grievous, but for you it is safe' (Phil.
3:1).  Here then is a summary:
There is no sacredness about the word Millennium.  It simply means 'a
thousand' and is used of that portion of the future reign of Christ that
lasts 1,000 years.
There is one portion of the Scriptures only that speaks positively
concerning the Millennial reign, and that portion consisting of ten verses
only, namely Revelation 20:1 -10.
While making this statement we by no means deny that such passages as
Isaiah 11:6 -9 do belong to this Millennial day, but if they do, they are
seen to be such only by inference.
We do not deny that there will be a Pre -Millennial kingdom, but we see
that this will be the kingdom of the Beast of Revelation 13:18, and is
foreshadowed by the reign of Saul before that of David.
The outstanding features of the Millennium as revealed in Revelation
20:1 -10 are as follows:
The Devil will be shut up in the bottomless pit, and this
together with Daniel 9:24, 'finishes'.  'To make an end'
indicates that evil will be 'restrained' throughout the period.
(See Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9, page 213).
The bottomless pit is in Greek abussos 'the abyss' and the LXX
links this with 'the deep' of Genesis 1:2.
The 'overcomer' who is addressed in Revelation 2 and 3 is the
slender thread upon which the visions of the Apocalypse are
threaded, and the Only Ones specifically mentioned in Revelation