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Volume 8 - Prophetic Truth - Page 210 of 304
moved from the Crimea along the Danube and populated Gomerland, identical
with modern Germany.  Togarmah appears to have been an area in modern
Armenia, later swallowed up by Russia and Turkey.  Here, then, are the
predatory nations in their suggested nomenclature.  Russia and satellite
Germany with a Pan -Islamic Mohammedan Arabic Confederacy which will embrace,
probably, Turkey, constitutes a formidable menace to the peaceful nation of
Israel dwelling in wealth and false security.
'There remain to us the nations who parley either in protest or profit.
Sheba and Dedan are named as the sons of Raamah, grandsons of Cush, the son
of Ham.  The descendants of Ham are likely to be those who settled in the
countries south of Edom near the Red Sea.  There were two others who bore
these names as descendants of Abraham by Keturah, but modern Syria will most
likely discover these peoples.  The question of the identification of
Tarshish is a study in itself.  Tarshish is of Japhetic origin, not Shemitic,
and in Scripture bears the character of a maritime, merchant, mineral, market
and manifold people.  If we are provided with a Tarshish garment made of
ancient Scripture description and measurements and seek today for national
entities fitting to the garment, I imagine the British Commonwealth of
Nations and the United States of America could best wear the Tarshish garment
without tailoring.  Incidentally, if Tarshish be United States of America and
Britain, the axe is laid to the very roots of the Anti -Semitic "British -
Israel" speculation, inasmuch as Tarshish, as I mentioned before, is of
Japhetic origin.  The twelve tribes of Israel, the Jews, are all of Shemitic
'If my interpretation of the pertinent Ezekiel Scriptures
coincides with the revelation of those Scriptures, and I think it does; and
if my speculations regarding the identification of the nations and peoples
mentioned therein is correct, and I think they might substantially be so;
then we have moved into a strip of time more potent than anything conjured to
the mind by the atomic age.  Russia created the Anti -God Movement which had
its origin in Moscow.  Zinovieff is reported to have said -- "We will grapple
with the Lord God in due season: we shall vanquish Him in His highest heaven
and wherever He seeks refuge, and we will subdue Him for ever"'.
Another writes, 'It will be recalled that Stalin signed the official
decrees in 1932 ordering the Almighty to pack His few remaining belongings
and get out of the Soviet Empire.  The sign of the Soviet is the clenched
fist.  The sign of the Godhead is the pierced palm.  If God's calling is
spurned, Gog's challenge is accepted and this can be translated into a
principle which has individual, as well as national application.  Our
consideration of this wonderful prophecy of Ezekiel, admittedly brief, is yet
adequate to give us a deeper sense of reality as we obey the Divine wish to
"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" for it is abundantly true that "they shall
prosper that love thee"'.
R.B. Girdlestone, M.A., in his opening chapter, says:
'An ideal Biblical prophecy may be expected to have the following
It plainly foretells things to come, and is not clothed in the
ambiguities which we observe in heathen oracles and