An Alphabetical Analysis
Volume 7 - Doctrinal Truth - Page 278 of 297
immortal be also perishable.
The soul when attacked by death cannot
To those who knew these words, who taught them, and argued about them,
was sent a 'Teacher from God', and standing in their midst, He reiterated the
fact that Plato was wrong, that the soul could be destroyed, that it would
perish.  What would any of that day have thought of the suggestion to make
such words convey the sense of endless misery so diametrically opposed to
their meaning?  Would he not have been justified in replying in the language
of a well-known Greek scholar, Dr. Weymouth:
'My mind fails to conceive a grosser misinterpretation of language than
when the five or six strongest words which the Greek tongue possesses,
signifying "destroy", or "destruction", are explained to mean
maintaining an everlasting but wretched existence.  To translate black
as white is nothing to this'.
We believe sufficient has been shown to establish the fact that, in the
usage and meaning of apollumi and apoleia, destruction, utter and real, is
the true meaning, and that this is the wages of sin.
It will be remembered that certain words have
been considered with regard to their primary etymological meaning, their
secondary or figurative meaning, and their usage.  We now provide a
concordance to the subject, giving as full particulars as is possible in the
limited space.
No. of occurrences,
and how translated
for its usage
as discovered by
in A.V.
these considerations
754 some 450 times -- soul;
Gen. 1:20,21,24,30;
Soul.-- Possessed by every living
119 times -- life;
2:7,19; 12:5,13.
creature every living thing that
the remainder by at least
breatheth.  Adam the living soul
25 other renderings.
was of the earth, earthy.
Not an equivalent to spirit or
spiritual.  1 Cor. 15:44-47.
434  267 times -- ever;
Used of God --
Something hidden or secret.
64 times -- everlasting;
Psa. 41:13; 103:17.
A period of undefined limits,
and old time, etc.
Used of man --
having a beginning and an end,
Gen. 6:4; Exod. 21:5,6;
but not necessarily within the
Josh. 24:2; 1 Sam. 1:22;
knowledge of man.
Psa. 92:8; Eccles. 3:14;
Isa. 32:14; 44:7.
79 times -- perish;
Num. 16:33; Deut. 12:2,3;
To perish.
63 times -- destroy,
Esther 4:16; Psa. 37:20;
Rev. 9:11 (Heb. Abaddon).
66 times -- destroy;
Deut. 9:3,14; Amos 9:8.
To destroy.
19 times -- be destroyed.
15 8 times -- cut off;
Lev. 25:23,30 (margin);
To be deprived of being,existence,
5 times -- destroy.
2 Sam. 22:41; Psa. 94:23.
identity, or relationship.
286  88 times -- cut off;
Gen. 9:11; Exod. 12:15;
To cut off, as in demise,
59 times -- to be cut off;
Psa. 37:38; Dan. 9:26. or as in felling a tree.
84 times -- to make
a covenant.
188 60 times -- to consume,
Gen. 2:2; 17:22;
To consume, to bring to a
be consumed,
Psa. 59:13; Zeph. 1:18.
complete end.