An Alphabetical Analysis
Volume 6 - Doctrinal Truth - Page 246 of 270
The Great Shepherd
(Psa. 23; Heb. 13:20).
The Chief Shepherd
(Psa. 24; 1 Pet. 5:4).
Only in Jesus Christ is the name Jehovah fully realized; proofs of this
will be given in the article Person7.
The Lord 'tabernacled' at the east end of the Garden of Eden (Gen.
The Lord 'tabernacled' with Israel after their redemption from Egypt
(Exod. 25:8).
The Lord 'tabernacled' among us when the Word became flesh (John 1:14).
God Himself will 'tabernacle' among men at the time of the end (Rev.
The name Jehovah will fulfil the promise of Genesis 3:15, falsely
anticipated in the birth of Cain (Gen.  4:1); it will fulfil the types of the
Ark, the offering of Isaac, the protection of Joseph, the leadership of
Moses, the kingship of David, the priesthood of Melchisedec.  At the climax
of the ages, every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is 'Lord', i.e.
Jehovah.  This is the Name which is above every name that will be acclaimed
in that day.  The Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.  The
Father raised that crucified Son from the dead.  It is at the right hand of
the Father that the Ascended Saviour now sits, and in the ultimate exaltation
and universal homage to that Son of His as 'Lord' the Father will be
glorified (Phil. 2:9 -11).
The title 'Lord' in the New Testament  translates the Greek word
Kurios, which is the equivalent of the Hebrew title Jehovah, as the usage of
the LXX and the quotations from the Old Testament in the New abundantly show.
If we accept the reading of the Revised Text of Revelation 11:17, we must
omit the words, 'and art to come' the wondrous truth being that the name
Jehovah fulfils itself, and is here seen so fulfilling itself in the Person
of the reigning King of kings Who has already come.  Like the office of
priest and mediator, the fact that at long last they will become obsolete, is
the finest memorial to their complete effectiveness.  In the same way so
complete will be the cure that the office of the Great Physician will cease
to be.  Thus Jehovah will fulfil Himself while the ages roll, and will pass
into the glory of the End, when God, as a consequence of this Mediatorial
Work, shall be all in all.  (See article, Deity of Christ, p. 157 and The
Berean Expositor Vol. 40, One Lord, article No. 2).
The Jig -Saw Puzzle.
An analogy, and a guide to interpretation.
The reader, who is exercised concerning the true interpretation of
Scripture and the correct translation of its language, must sometimes feel
frustrated and in despair as he reads the many and varied and often
conflicting statements offered by men of faith and learning, emphasized by
conviction, and supported by a willingness to suffer whatever consequences
may accrue.  Such a reader will not be greatly moved by an interpretation or
a translation if he knows that the translator of the new rendering entertains
low views concerning the Son of God and His finished sacrificial work.
Neither will he readily accept as truth a suggestion that comes from one who