An Alphabetical Analysis
Volume 10 - Practical Truth - Page 90 of 277
he faileth not (raphah to slack).
'The mills of God grind slowly,
But they grind exceeding small'.
Man cries 'How long?' 'a thousand years in Thy sight are but as
yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night' (Psa.
The promises of God only appear to us to tarry, but they are all for an
appointed time.  There is no slackness with God.
he faileth not (shaqar to deceive).  The conflict of the ages is
the conflict between the Truth and the Lie.  God is a God of
truth.  He cannot lie.  Satan is a liar and the father of it.
The truth is in Jesus.  The last we hear about liars and lies is
that they are not allowed to enter the New Jerusalem but have
their part in the lake of fire.
he faileth not (aman to be reliable).  Christ Himself is the Amen
to every promise of God.  His sayings are like a rock in a storm,
His covenant and His mercies are sure.
he faileth not (adar to lack).  Even though heaven and earth
shall pass away, it is written 'Thou remainest', and in Him
dwells all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.  He is the One that
filleth all in all.  For this reason He descended and ascended
that He might fill all things.  In the completeness of His Person
and saving Work we find the fullest guarantee that all the true
seed shall be recovered.  'In the morning light' there shall 'not
lack one' (2 Sam. 17:22).
he faileth not.
With the increase in modernism, sacramentalism and sectarianism,
parents and guardians are at times at a loss as to the choice of a Sunday
School for their young charges.  The lessons given below may indicate one way
in which this difficulty may be overcome.
The great truth of the Mystery, the meaning of Dispensational Truth,
the principle of Right Division, are not matters into which a child can be
expected to enter, but on the other hand, if the Gospel brought before the
child is presented by one who already seeks to 'Rightly divide the Word of
Truth', that child will unconsciously walk in the ways of truth for today
without knowing the byways and blind alleys that indiscriminate teaching of
the young often lays for their unwary steps.  We believe that not a few
parents would appreciate some outlines of teaching that have proved
themselves in practice, and so we give a selection of lessons that have been
so used in days gone by.
Be it noted, these lessons are not to be given to the child as they
stand.  They are rather written to help the parent or teacher as the
different portions of Scripture are read together.