Truth For Today


Mae Baker
August 12, 1900
April 17, 1986

Oscar M. Baker
May 14, 1898
January 19, 1987

In de rechterkolom zijn in alfabetische volgorde
artikelen opgenomen uit het Bijbelstudieblad
"Truth For Today",
uitgegeven vanaf 1948,
onder redactie van Oscar M. Baker.

July 1, 1948 marked the beginning of the ministry of  Truth For Today, Inc.  Mr. Oscar M. Baker, the founding editor, had a deep concern for neighbors and friends, having been blessed and encouraged in his studies of the Scriptures by applying the divinely given study principle of "Right Division", and he desired to share those blessings with others.  His method of sharing those blessings would be the little Bible study paper known as Truth For Today, and that is still at the center of the ministry.  His first issue was only about 150 copies.  He mailed it to all on the township tax rolls.

Today TFT print over 6,700 copies of each issue of Truth For Today, not a large number, but the seed of truth is being widely sown.  It is presently being sent to all 50 states and to 61 other nations.  Through the paper TFT makes available the writings of Bible teachers such as Mr. E. W. Bullinger, Mr. Charles H. Welch, Mr. Stuart Allen, and other men of GOD who have lived and labored faithfully, honoring the Lord's command in II Timothy 2:15 and Philippians 1:10 to "Rightly Divide" the Word of Truth.

After almost four decades of faithful service in the ministry of Truth For Today, Mr. Baker fell asleep in the Lord and it became necessary to move the ministry to its present location in Lafayette, IN.  The heart of the ministry is still the Bibles, books, and other study aids featured in the paper and on their book list. 

"With good will doing service, as to the Lord,and not to men: knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord..." Eph. 6:7,8

All too few are the occasions in our day that we find a man who has borne such a lifelong testimony for God that we feel at liberty to align him with this portion of scripture. Still fewer are the times that we could ascribe such a word of tribute to this man, and also to his loving companion in life.  Yet as we reflect on the exemplary witness of our dear brother and sister Baker, this word of tribute is but a small beginning of all that could be said in honor and thanksgiving to all they have meant to literally thousands of folks who have been blessed and influenced by their Christian service through the ministries of Truth For Today.
The year was 1948.   Mr. Baker was teaching a Bible class in his home.  The desire and burden to share through the printed page what they had come to appreciate as truth for today lay heavy on their hearts. So in July of that year, the first issue of this little paper was mailed to about 150 homes in the township in which they resided.  The spirit's blessing seemed to rest on this labor of love from the very beginning.  By the end of the first year there were 300 names on the mailing list.  Soon after, brother Baker went on the local radio station with a weekly Bible class.  This he did for many years.  Before the second anniversary of the paper, they began to make available to their readers the written works of men like E.W. Bullinger, Charles H. Welch, and others.  Perhaps no other single outlet has placed more Companion Bibles than Truth For Today, Inc.

Almost from the beginning folks sensed that they could find help with their Bible questions.  Most wrote of course, but many came to their home; some for a few hours, others for a few days, and the Bakers were always ready to extend the richest of Christian hospitality and enlightening Bible studies to all who had sought their help.  It was not long until the recording of audio tapes began to take hold.  Brother Baker saw another opportunity to serve his Lord by making his Bible studies available to any and all for the asking. The next door of service came in the form of Bible Study Correspondence Courses offered to any who wanted to study with him in this manner.

And yet with all this to keep up with he still found time to speak forth the Word of Truth  "rightlydividing"  in scores of churches, home classes, and Bible conferences, always willing and ready to enter any open door and share what he believed what was Truth For Today.  Now perhaps the most remarkable aspect of all is that they never lived "from the gospel", rather always working to support themselves; teaching in the public schools, tutoring and teaching in his home, and of course, running his 80 acre dairy farm, and even on occasion taking other outside work when in need.  At that time in life when most all of us ar thinking of retiring and taking it easy, the Bakers viewed this as a time to go into full-time service, for now they wouldn't have to work so many hours "making tents" as he used to put it.

Over the years many faithful friends of TFT  have been moved of the spirit to help with the financial burdens of this work. Without this love the work could not go on, yet in the 37 years of printing the paper not one time did he make an appeal for money, willing only to wait on the Lord to meet their needs and the needs of TFT, fully resting in the knowledge that their reward was with the Lord, whom they served.  It would be futile for us to try to describe the vast vacuum their departing will bring to all who have grown to love and respect them so dearly, or to attempt to put into mere words the heart felt gratitude we feel for all the Christian influence they have had in our lives.

We simply say, as they would have it, dear brother and dear sister - we salute you, we thank you, and we will meet you in the morning.


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