In the foregoing pages we have sought to present to the reader a declaration of those things surely believed by us. In no sense have we sought to formulate a creed, or to attempt to fix upon any individual or meeting a man-made bond. Every reader will probably find that we have omitted some item of truth that he holds to be vital. The limitations of a pamphlet impose upon us the necessity for exercising choice between claimant doctrines, and we have given preference to those which touch upon the Scriptures, the Lord and His work, the nature of man, sin, salvation and punishment, the church of the mystery, and a brief word upon some prevalent errors that are abroad to-day.

The interested reader will find a wider variety of exposition in the books mentioned in passing, and in others published by the Berean Publishing Trust. We ask no favours from any reader. We seek grace to be unmoved by either frown or favour. If we have a conscience void of offence and are pleasing unto Him, and if what we hold and believe is in harmony with His Word, rightly divided, it is a small thing with us to be judged by man's judgment. He that judgeth us is the Lord.

Nevertheless we would hasten to add that not one word has been purposely written to injure or wound unnecessarily either saint or sinner, friend or foe. Above all things we trust the reader will emulate the Bereans, who 'searched the Scriptures daily to see whether those things were so'. Then, our responsibility ends, and the reader's begins.

May the God of all grace be pleased to use this declaration to His glory and the enlightenment or confirmation of His believing people.

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