The Berean Expositor
Volume 54 - Page 209 of 210
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Yes, `tis for us, for Christ has died,
Now quickened, risen, glorified;
Seated with Him at God's right hand:
Complete in Him, by faith we stand
May the same mighty power to save,
That brought our Saviour from the grave,
Strength to our inward man inpart,
That Christ my dwell within our heart.
Then will all saints in every land
We'll in some measure understand
The love of Christ, that shoreless sea
That saves and keeps eternally.
Final note.
In these nine articles we have endeavored to cover the practical sections of
Ephesians, linking the appropriate doctrinal section with each practical section. To
condense the material to match the available space it was necessary to omit a great deal
but we hope that we have been able to include the most important points. If these articles
encourage readers to study Ephesians in greater detail we shall have achieved our
purpose. There is much helpful exposition in the following books:
(1) Letters From Prison (Stuart Allen)
(2) The Testimony of the Lord's Prisoner (C.H.Welch)
(3) In Heavenly Places (C.H.Welch)