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We do not often read about Archippus. It is evident that the Lord had given him a
ministry to perform, but no details are given. There must have been a doubt whether he
would be true to his task. Was there a temptation to run away from a difficult ministry?
The apostle Paul tells him to complete it. We quote:
"And say to Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the
Lord, that thou fulfil it" (Col. 4: 17).
When we review what the scriptures tell us about those who either rejected, or at least
disliked the word of the Lord, and how disciples left the Lord and no longer walked with
Him, we begin to ask the question, `Is it possible that some believers could run away
from the truth?'. Now, we do not find such a phrase in the scriptures, but we do find
statements in the Prison Epistles that are not far from the idea of running away from the
truth. In II Tim. 2: 18 we read of those who "concerning the truth have erred". There
are those who "resist the truth" (3: 8). When we read II Tim. 4: 4 and Titus 1: 14 that
"some turn away from the truth", surely turning away from the truth is not very different
from running away from the truth.
May the Lord give us grace, that we may obey the injunction given to Archippus, and
fulfil the ministry that the Lord has given us.