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The Lord knew that the appointed time for His departure had come, although it is
remarkable that He does not refer to His great suffering and His death but speaks of His
glorification. While on this earth He had glorified the Father, and He finished the work
which the Father had committed into His hands (4).
We do not know when the second advent will take place, but we are sure that Christ
will come again, at the right time, but at a moment known only to the Father:
"But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but My
Father only" (Matt. 24: 36).
It would be interesting to seek other examples to illustrate how God intervenes at the
right time; for instance the life of Joseph, who told his brothers that God sent him before
them to preserve life. But space limits us, so we suggest that our readers make their own
investigations of Scripture. In addition, it may be profitable to review events in our own
lives where the providence of God, and His guidance, have met our needs at just the right
time. If we have been blessed by God in this way, we should give thanks to Him and also
tell others for their encouragement.
"Let the redeemed of the Lord say so" (Psa. 107: 2).
The writer became Hon. Secretary and Treasurer of the Berean Forward Movement
following the death of Mr. Frederick P. Brininger in 1947. During the war, Mr. Brininger
had prepared two books for printing, Just and the Justifier and Parable, Miracle and
Sign. He was unable to get these books printed during the war owing to the paper
shortage. We take up the story as recorded in:
The Berean Expositor 1909-1959
Although he (Mr. Brininger) had approached many printers, none had the
paper to enable them to execute the orders, owing to war-time restrictions. I was
therefore asked to approach the Paper Control in Reading. The story is a long
one, but briefly it worked out in this way. We obtained a permit for one ton of
paper, with the right to call for a further supply later. I estimated that it would
cost 1,500 to use one ton of paper, which was sufficient to print two books. We
had a Reprint Fund of 800. How could we finance two books? We required at
least a further 700. No appeal was made, but I waited for a brief period of about
two months in which we received legacies and gifts of 800. Surely this was the
hand of the Lord Who supplied the paper and the funds whereby the two books
could be published.
This is only one example in the history of The Berean Forward Movement and The
Berean Publishing Trust when the Lord supplied our need at the right time.