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Foundation Truth.
The types of Scripture.
pp. 141 -145
The whole of the Word of God is Truth, but we need to distinguish between Truth that
has a temporary significance (e.g. animal sacrifice), and Truth that is eternal. When this
is not done, confusion results. There is distinction between dispensational truth and basic
or foundation truth. The former may be limited to a certain period and certain people;
the latter does not change but remains eternally the same for all God's family. God's
remedy for sin and death is not dispensational, but depends on the basic truth of
redemption by the One Offering of the Lord Jesus Christ. God has not one way of saving
sinner in O.T. times, and a completely different one in the N.T. Nor is the salvation of a
Jew any different from that of a Gentile.
It is a good and reassuring thing for us to consider the certain and unchanging
foundations upon which our faith rests. God taught His earthly people, the nation of
Israel, basic truth by illustration or "types", as the N.T. calls them. I Cor. 10: 11 states,
"now all these things happened unto them (Israel) for ensamples" and the margin shows
that the Greek word translated "ensamples" means "types". Many were the types or
pictures of truth in the O.T. and they were prophetic, they looked forward to their
fulfillment in the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The rich teaching of the Scriptural types is well nigh forgotten today to our great loss.
An hundred years ago that great Christian barrister, Sir Robert Anderson, who was a
first-rate expositor of the Word of God, lamented the fact that the doctrine of the types
was little known in Christian circles. One wonders what he would have thought of the
state of things today! In these studies we hope to bring forward truth which he presented
so ably.
He wrote of the apostasy which existed at that time. The spiritual declension that has
set in since then has made this all the more evident. Today the foundations of the
Christian faith are being attacked from all quarters. And for the most part this attack
does not just come from the unsaved world. Prominent leaders of churches are denying
the truth of the virgin birth of Christ and His resurrection. "When the foundations are
being destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (Psa. 11: 3, N.I.V.).
The best thing is to keep sounding out the truth of God's Word. This is the only
lasting remedy; and a careful consideration of the types of Christ in Scripture will help
to this end. The book of Genesis closes by informing us how Israel came to be dwellers
in Egypt. As we open the book of Exodus, we find that they had become slaves,
oppressed by hard and cruel bondage from the Egyptians.