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Our Foundation.
"Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner stone" (Eph. 2: 20).
pp. 172 - 178
Each year in the month of May, we hold special meetings in London on a Saturday
which is called "Foundation Day". The notice announcing the meetings usually contains
a brief note, thus:
Our basis
Full inspiration of the Scriptures.
Right division of the Scriptures.
Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.
All sufficiency of His one sacrifice.
Two Trusts were formed in 1944, The Berean Forward Movement and The Berean
Publishing Trust and both Trust Deeds contain the four basic tenets. Charles H. Welch
suggested that once a year we should remind ourselves of these basic tenets. We hold
Foundation Day so that they will not be forgotten.
In 1943 we were granted the use of Wilson Street Chapel for a trial period of one year,
and since then permission has been extended for an indefinite period. The Chapel which
was closed at the beginning of the war was reopened in September 1943 and named "The
Chapel of the Opened Book".
In 1909 100: H. Welch became the Editor of The Berean Expositor which was produced
with the support of Frederick P. Brininger and other friends. The two Trusts were formed
to put the work on a more formal footing. Only a few books and booklets had been
published but 100: H. Welch had written many MSS, which awaited an opportunity of
publication. The Berean Publishing Trust took over the MSS and most of these writings
were in print by the time Mr. Welch died in 1967.
Some friends feared that the use of Wilson Street Chapel might lead to the formation
of a sect or denomination, but 100: H. Welch and the Trustees were opposed to any such
development. Nevertheless, the witness of the Berean Trusts is distinctive in character
in that it emphasizes the dispensational aspect of truth, while adhering to the need to
study basic truth, practical truth, as well as prophetic truth.
In the Trust Deed Scripture references are given for each tenet and these are given for
the information of our readers: