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A Word in Season
"All power is given unto Me, in Heaven and in Earth"
(Matthew 28: 18).
p. 80
The oft quoted verse 19 "Go ye . . . . . and teach all nations" etc. frequently omits the
word `therefore'. Because "all power" was His, therefore could they go. Whilst Christ
lived on earth, He told them not to go into the way of the Gentiles, but only to the lost
sheep of the house of Israel, but, in Resurrection Power, He now includes the nations.
Heaven and earth are worlds linked together very often with reference to the Millennial
Kingdom, and Christ stands here, in the consciousness of the fact that He is yet to be the
King on God's Holy Hill. The word "power" is frequently connected with Resurrection
and the Second Coming, see Matt. 6: 13; 24: 30; 26: 64; Mark 9: 1; Romans 1: 4;
I Cor. 15: 43; II Cor. 13: 4; Eph. 1: 19; Phil. 3: 10 (these passages use a different
word); Luke 4: 6; John 10: 18; Eph. 1: 21; 3: 10; 6: 12; Col. 2: 10, 15 (in these
passages the same word is used as in Matt. 28:).
Oh for grace, even now, to remember with Whom all power is found and to "cease
from man" and "lean" upon the Lord.
"What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee"
(Psalm 56: 3).
p. 100
The above words were uttered by David in the midst of daily conflict (verses 1, 2).
Trust in the Lord, is very closely related to trust in His Word. Immediately after David
says "I will trust in THEE", he adds, "In God I will praise His WORD" and balances it
with "In God I have put my trust" (4). Trust in the Lord and His Word dispels fear, even
before deliverance itself comes. This was David's experience as may be seen from
verses 10 and 11:
"In God will I praise His Word; in the Lord will I praise His Word. In God have I put
my trust; I WILL NOT BE AFRAID what man can do unto me."