The Berean Expositor
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simplest expression of salvation, eternal life and freedom from condemnation in the N.T.
It mattered not whether a Gentile or a Jew were listening to the Lord's words, if they
responded by faith, then this salvation was theirs. And this is still true today.
Here is a good example of basic or foundational truth which is truth for all time. Sin
and death are not dispensational, nor is God's remedy for them dispensational. God has
only one way of removing sin and justifying the sinner, namely by the redemptive work
of His beloved Son and this is received on the principle of faith and John's Gospel gives
a clear witness to these facts.
This being so, we must carefully distinguish what is dispensational in this Gospel
from what is basic and unchanging. If we do not do this our exposition is bound to be
unbalanced and lop-sided. On the other hand, if we do it, the purpose of God for the
heaven and earth becomes clearer and more wonderful. To have an inheritance in any
part of these spheres is a tremendous privilege and reveals how great is the love and grace
of God which alone makes it possible. Human goodness and merit cannot intrude here.
We are in the hand of One Who is working "all things after the counsel of His own
will" (Eph. 1: 11), and the design that He has will surely be fulfilled in His time and His
own way. Because of this we can go on in "full assurance of faith" and not be moved by
anything around us.
Like the Psalmist, we look forward to resurrection glory and can say with him, "I shall
be satisfied when I awake with Thy likeness" (Psa. 17: 15).