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Matt.xxiv.16. Referring to this time He says "Let them which be in Judea flee into the
mountains". When there is war, the mountains are safer than the cities.
The word for weapons in Joel 2: 8 is shelack and some commentators maintain this is
a `late' word and thus Joel must have been written after the Babylonian exile. However
the word is found in Job 33: 18 and 36: 12 and Job is one of the earliest of O.T.
writings. Thus we see no reason to move Joel's prophecy from the days prior to the
Babylonian captivity.
Some commentators hold the view that the army described in Joel 2: 2-10 is the same
as that described in Rev. 9: 2-11 but a close reading of both passages shows that this
cannot be. Whatever is described in Rev. 9: is commanded to "not hurt the grass of the
earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree" (Rev. 9: 4). This directly contradicts
Joel 2: 3 and thus what are described in the two passages must be different.
Other commentators claim that the army described in Joel 2: 2-10 is the army of the
Lord mentioned in verse 11. Knowing how God is to guard and protect this people and
feed them as well (Rev. 12: 6, 14) during this Day of the Lord this view seems unlikely.
Also in the light of such passages as Isa. 51: 3 and Ezek. 36: 35 where we are told
"this land that was desolate is become like the garden of Eden", we cannot see Joel 2: 3
being the work of God's army.  Thus we continually come to the conclusion that in
Joel 2: 2-10 we have a vivid and graphic description of a great attacking force that is to
come against Jerusalem and its inhabitants. All seems lost for those people. Their case
seems a hopeless one but then . . . . . , we are told simply but firmly and clearly (verse 11)
that the Lord has His army and His camp is great for He is strong. The Day of the Lord is
great and terrible. Who can endure it? Will any of the people of Israel? Will any of the
attacking army?
2: 12 - 20.
pp. 29 - 38
We now come to the second half of the structure given for Joel 1: 14 - 3: 21:
2: 12, 13a. Call to fast
2: 13b.  Reason
2: 14. Consequences
2: 15-17a. Call to blow the trumpet
2: 17b.  Reason
2: 18 - 3: 21. Consequences
Joel 2: 12.  Having painted the picture of the future vast, disciplined and totally
destructive army of Satan on the one hand and numberless, great and powerful army of
the Lord on the other; having shown the people that whatever will confront them the