The Berean Expositor
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With the unbelief of the Jewish leadership in Rome, God's patience with them came
to an end. The third reference to Isa. 6: 9, 10 in Acts 28: 26, 27 saw the temporary
end of the Jews as a nation before God, and they will remain so throughout this present
dispensation. At the end of the Acts period Israel was set on one side and the miracles,
wonders and displays of power which were a sign to them ceased.
We have now considered the background. We have set the scene and have looked at
the Acts in its context in relation to the O.T. and the Gospels. We have seen that
throughout the O.T., the Gospels and the Acts, the Jew is dominant and miracles abound.
We have seen the close relationship between the Jewish people and these miraculous
sings and we have seen how God used the wonders and displays of His power to guide,
protect, teach and discipline His chosen people, the people of Israel.
In future studies we shall look in great details at each miracle done by the apostles.
Next time, D.5:, we shall look at the casting of lots, after that Holy Spirit baptism, after
that tongues, then healing and so on.