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Features of the Gospel.
pp. 232 - 237
This Gospel contains a large proportion of discourses in contrast to Mark's which
stresses the actions of Christ, those of the perfect Servant. Mark begins and ends with
action.  Chapter 1: starts with immediate service and ends with the words "the Lord
working with them and confirming the word with signs following" (Mark 16: 20). It is
clear that Matthew gives prominence to the sayings of Christ, as Mark does to His
In the first Gospel there are six great discourses, five of which are closed with the
same words: "it came to pass when Jesus had finished" (7: 28; 11: 1; 13: 53; 19: 1;
26: 1). The other one has likewise a formal ending (23: 37-39) with different words.
These addresses are as follows:
Chapters 5:-8:
The Sermon on the Mount
Chapter 10:
The charge to the Twelve
Chapter 13:
The Parables and Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven
Chapter 18:
Teaching on Greatness and Forgiveness
Chapter 23:
Denunciation of the Pharisees
Chapters 24:-25:
The Ending of the Age and the Second Advent of Christ
It is important to recognize that Matthew arranges his Gospel on a grouping plan, not
a chronological one. He evidently had the instruction of Jewish converts in mind, such
as met in study circles. It was important therefore that the teaching of the Gospel should
be presented in such way that it would be easily remembered. Many of the Lord's
sayings which Matthew has grouped together, regardless of chronological sequence, He
must have given at different times, for it would be foolish to presume that the Lord Jesus
in teaching deep and essential truths, would only mention them once.
The Evangelist arranges incidents and sayings into numerical groups of three, five and
The are 3 divisions in the genealogy (1: 17).
3 messages to Joseph by angels in dreams (1: 20; 2: 13, 19).
3 incidents in the Lord's childhood: the Magi, the flight into Egypt, and the return (2:).
3 temptations (4: 1-11).
3 fold description of the Messiah's witness (4: 23).
3 fold illustration (5: 22).
There are 9 Beatitudes (3*3).
3 occurrences of "your" (5: 16).
3 examples of righteousness: alms, prayer, fasting (6: 1-18).
3 prohibitions (6: 19 - 7: 6).