The Berean Expositor
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separated him from those who, to avoid the offence of the cross, adulterated the gospel of
grace with the dregs of Jewish ritual.
All slaves were branded. As the slave of Christ these were His brand marks. Could
his enemies show such practical evidences of their devotion and faithfulness to Christ?
He ends the epistle, as he always does with a reference to grace:
"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers, Amen" (6: 18, N.I.V.).
The word at the very end of the sentence, apart from Amen is "brethren", a blessed
word to end his epistle where so much feeling has been manifested and so much error
exposed and condemned.
We trust we have seen that the truth presented in this glorious epistle lies at the very
centre of the gospel of grace. Its importance cannot be overrated and all who have the
responsibility of preaching and teaching must give this epistle a prominent place in their
witness. It is a wonderful companion to the epistle to the Romans and was one of the
main instruments, through Luther's ministry of promoting the Reformation and all who
wish to be faithful to the truth which is centred in a risen and glorified Christ must give
constant heed to its message.