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The call to stand, withstand and standfast.
pp. 166 - 169
The corrective against the apostasy of the last days is fourfold;  the believer is
exhorted to `keep', `hold', `stand' and `watch'. We have given some consideration to the
first two, let us now examine the teaching of the epistles regarding the exhortation and
encouragement to `stand'. The references in Ephesians, Colossians and II Timothy use
the word histemi, the references in Philippians the word steko;  but the difference
between these two words will be examined after we have considered the opening passage
Eph. 6: 11, 13, 14.
The injunction `to stand' in Eph. 6: is introduced by the word `finally'. Doctrine
and corresponding practice have occupied the bulk of the epistle, and now the concluding
section is brought into correspondence with the opening section. "Spiritual blessings"
find an echo in "spiritual wickednesses".  The choice that took place "before the
foundation of the World" is set over against the "darkness of this world". "The word of
truth" finds a correspondence in "the girdle of truth"; "The gospel of salvation" with "the
helmet of salvation", the exceeding greatness of the "power" "working" and "mighty
power" which was wrought in Christ, is repeated in the exhortation to be `strong' in the
Lord and in the `power' of His `might'. Where our blessings are there will be conflict.
Just as Israel were bidden not to meddle with other nations, but to fight with the
Canaanites that barred their way to the land of promise, so we wrestle not with flesh and
blood, our foes are `spiritual' and are "the world rulers of darkness", spiritual Canaanites.
Against these spiritual enemies the church of the Mystery is exhorted to stand.
It is of supreme importance that we should heed the accompanying commands. The
exhortation is not simply to stand, it is accompanied by other equally important
Put on the whole armour of God
That ye may be able to stand against (pros).
Take unto you the whole armour of God
That ye may be able to withstand (anti)
Having done all
To stand.
Then follows the repeated exhortation to stand together with a detailed description of
the whole armour of God. This armour is sixfold, and is rendered effective by prayer.
This we can see if set out as follows:
A | The GIRDLE.  Truth or faithfulness.
B | The BREASTPLATE.  Righteousness.
C | The SHOES.  Firm footing of peace.
A | The SHIELD.  Faith or faithfulness.
B | The HELMET.  Salvation.
C | The SWORD.  The Word of God.