The Berean Expositor
Volume 49 - Page 80 of 179
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Reflections on ISAIAH.
#27.  Isaiah 42: 12 - 45: 15.
Restoration Promised, Conditioned, Foreshadowed.
Restoration Promised (42: 18 - 43: 9).
pp. 123 - 126
Reflections on ISAIAH49.
The Lamb of God (Isa. 52: 13 - 56: 8).
The Material sorted and the Structure of Isa. 52: 13 - 53: 12 discovered.
pp. 185 - 188
"Wherefore God hath highly exalted Him" (52: 13).
pp. 227 - 229
The Lamb of God (Isa. 52: 13 - 56: 8).
The astonishment and blindness of Israel (Isa. 52: 14, 15).
pp. 29 - 33
The late Mr. Welch had a series of studies running up to Volume XXXV of The
Berean Expositor under the general heading of Fundamentals of Dispensational Truth.
For some reason the final nine (middle nine rather!) on Isaiah were mislaid. These have
now come to light and we felt our readers would still enjoy having them reproduced here.
Mr. Fred Leigh of Preston, one of our proof readers made the following comment: "I am
now able to return the Parts 1-9 of the Studies on Isaiah by Charles H. Welch . . . . . I feel
sure that many older members particularly will welcome this series, and of course in
future, libraries of volumes of The Berean Expositor will be passed on to younger
generations (such as I am hoping mine will be) and they will be glad of the complete
studies on Isaiah. I was particularly struck by the skill with which C.H.W. was able to
discover `structure' in the midst of so much details between chapters 40: and 52: He was
a remarkable man, to whom we all owe a great deal".