The Berean Expositor
Volume 48 - Page 106 of 181
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Having pointed out the exaltation of Christ in ascension, Paul now deals with the
opposition of the evil one in the next chapter, for wherever truth flourishes, Satan will see
to it that error will raise its head. This has been so from the beginning and will be
intensified as this age comes to its end.  We warn all who know and value the
dispensation of the Mystery to be on their guard for this, to `test all things' by the Word
of God rightly divided, rigorously rejecting all that fails to meet this divine standard, no
matter where it comes from. Satan's object is to undermine the truth committed to us and
divide those whose eyes have been enlightened to see it and who are faithfully doing their
utmost to make it known. Paul could say, regarding himself, `we are not ignorant of his
(Satan's) devices' (II Cor. 2: 11).
Would that this were true of all who love the truth of the `good deposit'. The divided
state of Christendom is a warning to us all as to how well Satan can do his deadly work.
Let us see to it that, putting on the whole armour of God (Eph. 6:), we do not give place
to the great deceiver in any respect.