The Berean Expositor
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The healing of Peter's wife's mother could easily be misunderstood in the same way.
In reading Matthew's account we should naturally assume that the miracle took place
after the healing of the centurion's servant, but both Mark and Luke place it considerably
earlier (cf. Mark 1: 29 and Luke 4: 38). The fact that Peter's house was in Capernaum
(Luke 4: 31-38) links this miracle with the others that were associated with Capernaum,
and Matthew, without pretending to keep the historical order, has grouped them together.
The Lord again touched the object of His compassion, and this time the restored one
arose and ministered unto Him.
So will Israel in the day of her healing, and so may we since He put forth His grace to
(Miracles10, pp.42-46).