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possibility of losing all and of being saved `so as by fire'. While this remains true, it was
not the intention of the Apostle to introduce the difference between `hope' and `prize'
here. He wanted to administer `comfort' and so, while realizing that to be `sleepy' is a
grievous fault for a believer, he passes on to the conclusion, that even so:
"God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,
Who died for us, that, whether we are watchful or drowsy, we should live together with
Him (although drowsy ones were not likely to `reign' together with Him, which however
is another matter altogether). Wherefore comfort yourselves together and edify one
another (here the addition of the word `edify' suggests that the supplementary `warning
and teaching' that drowsiness and watchfulness demand, is not quite lost sight of) even as
also ye do" (I Thess. 5: 9-11).
The intervening contrasts that have been passed over in this article must be considered
together in our next one. Meanwhile let us be grateful for the glorious care of our God, in
thus ministering to the comfort of His children, and of using the opportunity for giving
certain great principles which apply to the dispensation of the Mystery as well as that
which obtained during the period of the Acts.
No.10.  A Study in  I Thessalonians.
Aspects of the Day of the Lord.
pp. 73 - 79
In our last paper we dealt with the first and last of the five contrasts that relate to the
Second Coming, these two sets having specific bearing upon `comfort', enabling us to
see the difference between that involuntary fall on sleep, which is death, and drowsiness,
for which a believer will be held responsible. The three remaining antonyms deal with:
The false peace brought in under the reign of the Beast.
The essential difference between Darkness and Light.
The blessed fact that the redeemed have not been chosen to Wrath, but unto
Peace and Safety 5: sudden destruction (5: 3).
Darkness 5: Light (5: 4, 5).
Wrath 5: Salvation (5: 9).
The first pair indicates the condition that obtains at the time of the end. War and
rumours of war will at length give place to "Peace and Safety". In themselves `peace and
safety' are commendable; it is the motive that matters however. "Peace" that ignores the
claim of God or the Person and work of Christ, and `safety' that is the product of
anything other than the redemptive work of the Son of God, is the masterstroke of Satan,
and by these watchwords a sin-stained war-weary world will be induced to put their trust
in the shadow of a bramble (Judges 9: 15).