The Berean Expositor
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judgment falls. We cannot say for certainty that this is so, but, taking all these and
parallel passages into account, the agonized cry "Why?" may have to be answered:
"The iniquity of the Wicked ONE is not yet full",
and like Asaph we shall have to go into the sanctuary of God to gain peace and assurance
and understand the "End".
There is much that is left unsaid. If we can be assured that the Saviour Himself
identifies Himself as the Son of Man by actually quoting as of Himself the agonized
opening of Psa. 22:, and if we can sympathize with Asaph in his distress and learn with
him the lesson that he learned, and if like Abraham we catch a glimpse of the measure of
iniquity that must be filled before judgment falls, then, while we may still at times be
moved to ask "Why?" of some of life's enigmas, we shall have the comfort of these
Scriptures to enable us to trust where sometimes we cannot trace.