The Berean Expositor
Volume 46 - Page 221 of 249
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until we see Him face to face and are made like him. Now we have this body of our
humbling (the word is cognate with "he humbled Himself" of chapter 2: 8). "Vile" is
too strong as translation today though the English word in 1611 had a less intense
meaning (cp. "vile raiment" James 2: 2). The body is not "vile" in this sense. It is indeed
frail and mortal and cannot stand up to the conditions of the heavenly sphere of our
calling. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.
"We shall bear the image of the heavenly (One)", Christ in glory (I Cor. 15: 49). The
body of the Lord's glory is the prototype of the believer's spiritual body, fashioned by the
Lord's mighty transforming power. This power is so great that it will at long last align all
things (subject) under the headship of the Lord Jesus. His omnipotence brings all things
under His control, and nothing less than this is the glorious goal in which members of the
Body of Christ and the redeemed of all callings will finally participate.