The Berean Expositor
Volume 46 - Page 120 of 249
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A | GENESIS. The Beginning.
The nations and "the great nation".
B | EXODUS. Redemption.
The nation formed and separated.
C | LEVITICUS. Worship.
The nation trained "a kingdom of Priests".
B | NUMBERS. Wandering.
The nation's failure--finally blessed.
"The second time." Ready to enter the land.
The Prophets
A | JOSHUA.--"The Lord of all the earth."
Joshua the leader.
B | JUDGES AND RUTH.--Forsaking and returning. Israel.
C | SAMUEL.--Man's king rejected.
D | KINGS.--Failure of kings of Israel and Judah.
D | ISAIAH.--Blessing only under God's king, the Messiah.
C | JEREMIAH AND LAMENTATIONS.--Human kings rejected.
B | EZEKIEL.--Forsaking and Returning. The Lord.
A | THE MINOR PROPHETS.--"The Lord of all the earth."
Joshua the High Priest.
The Psalms
(Kethubim. The Writings).
A | THE PSALMS.--Personal experience and future prophecy.
B | PROVERBS.--God's moral government.
C | JOB.--"The end of the Lord." Defeat of Satan.
D | SONG OF SOLOMON.--A faithful woman. Read at Passover.
E | ECCLESIASTES.--Vanity under the sun. Read at Tabernacles.
D | ESTHER.--A faithful woman. Read at Purim.
C | DANIEL.--The time of the end. Defeat of Antichrist.
B | EZRA-NEHEMIAH.--Men who governed for God.
A | CHRONICLES.--Past history and foreshadowed future.