The Berean Expositor
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Not to the multitude here, but to an inner company, who were to pass through a time
of persecution (5: 10-12) and whose forgiveness depended upon their forgiveness of
others (6: 12, 14, 15). Seen in its proper setting this `sermon' belongs to the period with
the bread which comes down upon them ("daily bread" 6: 11 reminiscent of the O.T.
manna). Compare the conditional forgiveness with Paul's later statement relevant to the
Body of Christ in Eph. 4: 32.
Such then are some of the keys which help our understanding of truth. Many of them
are provided in the title of a book, as for example, "The vision of Isaiah . . . . . which he
saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem . . . . ." (1: 1). Other keys appear in the body of a
work. The Lord once complained about some in Israel that they had "taken away the key
of knowledge". Let us see that we neglect not those keys given us to unlock the
understanding of God's Word.