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"That they may also obtain that salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory",
and is used again in Heb. 11: 35:
"That they might obtain a better resurrection."
It is important to distinguish, moreover, between the word "attain" and "obtain", and
this is not made clear in Phil. 3: 11, 12 A.V. but is recognized in the R.V. The A.V.
repetition of the word "attain" in Phil. 3: 12 gives continuity to the Apostle's argument,
but two different words are employed, katantao in verse 11, and lambano in verse 12.
The change from `attaining' to `obtaining' reveals the change in the Apostle's objective.
he sought to "attain" to the out-resurrection.
he hoped subsequently to "obtain" the Prize.
This is made clear by a reference to I Cor. 9: 24, 25 where lambano occurs twice.
"One receiveth the prize"; "to obtain a corruptible crown". This most blessed attainment
is in view at the close of Phil. 3: In contrast with those whose walk was so contrary to
their calling the Apostle says:
"For our conversation is in heaven: from whence also we look for the Saviour, the
Lord Jesus Christ; Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto
His glorious body, according to the working whereby He is able even to subdue all things
unto Himself."
We might be helped by another translation of this passage, and Moffatt has brought
out one or two significant features:
"But we are a colony of heaven, and we wait for the Saviour Who comes from heaven,
the Lord Jesus Christ, Who will transform the body that belongs to our low estate till it
resembles the body of His glory, by the same power that enables Him to make everything
subject to Himself."
We must now pass on to the book of the Revelation to complete this survey, and there
we shall have a parallel case where the "first resurrection" of Rev. 20: is in the same
category as "the out-resurrection" of Philippians, although the citizenship of the one is
the New Jerusalem and the citizenship of the other is "Far above all where Christ sitteth".