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The consequences of atomic fall-out, as an aftermath of atomic war is too terrible to
contemplate. (See references to Zechariah already mentioned.) It has been found that
caribou bones found in the Arctic showed 102 units of radioactive strontium, yet 17 units
is about the safe limit for human life, and a biologist who examined these bones said that
the safe limits had been exceeded.
"It is clear that for a great area of the earth's surface that time has now come."
Strontium is now served up to us in milk, beef, eggs, as well as in vegetable products.
Some have set aside the attitude expressed in the Bible concerning "inventions"
considering this antiquated and pointing to the affluent society with its labour-saving
devices and its luxuries (II Chron. 26: 15; Eccles 7: 29; Psa. 106: 29, 39; Rom. 1: 30).
These many inventions make life easier, by camouflaging the curse that was pronounced
in Gen. 3:, as the descendants of Cain are said to have done in Gen. 4: 21, 22. It was
the Lamech, descended from Seth, who refused this smoothing over of the curse, as seen
in his attitude in Gen. 5: 29, where the only acceptable deliverance was the type of
atonement in the Ark built by his son Noah. Can anyone who reads with horror the
results of the first atomic explosion over Hiroshima together with Zech. 14: 12 and the
reference to "every one that is left" (Zech. 14: 16) have any doubt as to this prophecy
being a true foreshadowing of nuclear warfare?
Not till all that is implied in the closing words of Zech. 14: are fulfilled, will true
peace be known in the earth, i.e. when there will be "no more Canaanite" in that kingdom
of Priests, which in its turn anticipates "The End" or goal as written in I Cor. 15: 24-28.
Our purpose in writing this article is to draw attention to the signs of the times,
particularly as they refer to the important place the air is predicted to occupy at the time
of the end.