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say that a "third part of the ships" were destroyed? or that the "third part of the waters"
become bitter as "wormwood"? (Rev. 8: 7, 11).  The very diplomats who might
possibly repudiate such a book as the Apocalypse, are entertaining the possibility of these
very quotations, without realizing that they have been accessible to all in the pages of the
N.T. for 1,900 years. The words of Rev. 11: 18:
"Thy wrath is come . . . . . and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth",
make us ask, will man, with his inventions, bring about his own ruin? We are not
prophets, but we have in our hands a sure word of prophecy, and realize that the blessed
hope for which we look and wait will be realized before the advent of the Son of Man.
More than this we do not intend to say or to anticipate, but there is comfort even in these
dread prophecies, in that they make it abundantly clear that God knows the end from the
beginning, and can never be taken by surprise, or forget to provide for the safety of His
redeemed people, "as it was in the days of Noah" in more senses than one. Human life is
utterly impossible apart from the functioning of the "green grass" or leaf. One field of
green grass can yield excellent beef or mutton, chicken, eggs, cheese and butter, milk,
bone, hides, hair, bristles and glue. Countless other essentials to normal life are all
produced by the consumption and use of green grass and herb. If necessary, let the reader
use an Encyclopaedia if he is not aware of the meaning of photo-synthesis; he would
then the better realize the tragedy behind the statement that "all the green grass" will be
burnt up (Rev. 8: 7).
Its place in World Politics and Bible Prophecy #2
pp. 135 - 137
We now quote from an article in The Midnight Cry issued in November 1963. One or
two extracts form a supplement to the conclusions made in the body of this article, and
the testimony of "two or three witnesses" is in line with the requirements of the
Things that Must shortly come to pass
by  Hubert H. Heath.
"True science and Bible prophecy, rightly interpreted, always run in parallel lines, and
ever have. This is inevitably always the case, for both being true and it being impossible
for truth to be contradictory, it is inescapable.
The Word of God tells us that all matter of every sort is composed of atoms, and
atoms are composed of nothing more stable and equally invisible, as electrical energy--
electrons, neutrons, protons, &100: Scientists vapourized a two thousand acre island in the
Pacific not long ago, and apparently reduced it, largely, to its original elements. What
has been done can be done again. These actions come with a terrific display of heat and
fire. A few years ago a famous Scandinavian geophysicist was visiting Los Angeles and
was asked what such heavy explosions might do to the position of the earth in space. His