The Berean Expositor
Volume 44 - Page 200 of 247
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The Apostle's general teaching for slaves and servants of all degrees, is as true today
as it ever has been. Similarly his injunctions to masters. If today they are known as
"employers" and "employees" does that make any difference? The Apostle would not
have thought so. So may all take heed to his words, which, since they form part of
Scripture, are "words which the Holy Spirit teacheth":
"Servants, obey your masters here below . . . . . do not work simply when their eye is
on you . . . . . but serve them with a single heart, out of reverence for your Lord and
Master. Whatever be your task, work at it heartily, as servants of the Lord and not of
men; remember, you are to receive from the Lord the inheritance . . . . . the wrongdoer
will be paid back for his wrongdoings--there will be no favour shown. Masters, treat
your servants justly and fairly; remember that you have a Master of your own in heaven"
(Col. 3: 22 - 4: 1 Moffatt Version).