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Jesus was their Messiah, going right to the heart of things with them. Notice again the
continual opposition. It is evident that they will not believe, they will not receive the
gospel with all the special promises to them consequent upon its reception.  They
hardened their hearts, they made their ears deaf to the message. What a terrible thing is
this will of man when it turns against God! But God still waits in longsuffering. How
wonderful is God's patience with His people! We are told (verse 6) they opposed and
blasphemed; that was their answer to God's long-suffering and grace, so Paul "shook his
raiment and said unto them, Your blood be upon your own heads; I am clean". He had
discharged his responsibility in making known the good news, "from henceforth I will go
unto the Gentiles". Now he had already said that, you remember, at Antioch, when he
had received the same treatment there from the Jews. "It was necessary that the word of
God should first have been spoken to you, but seeing ye put it from you and judge
yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, lo, we turn to the Gentiles" (13: 46). That was
only a local turning away from the Jew because, at the very next place he visits, he goes
straight to the synagogue. The same thing happened here; he turns away from the Jews
at Corinth; but when he comes to Ephesus, he still goes to the synagogue, to the chosen
people and puts them first.
"And he came to Ephesus and left them there but he himself entered into the
synagogue" (18: 19). So once more he is with the Jew. It was only another local
turning away as before in Corinth. Then he goes down to Antioch (verse 22) and there is
a very interesting episode brought before us in connection with a Jewish believer whose
name was Apollos (verse 24), and Luke tells us that he was a man who was `mighty in
the Scriptures'. Note he does not say he was mighty in strength, or mighty in wisdom,
but that he was mighty in the Scriptures! This is the secret for finding and progressing in
truth and the knowledge of the Lord. It is because so many have no acquaintance with
God's Book, that they have no knowledge of Him and His ways and so often go wrong.
The Lord Jesus said to some in the days of His flesh, "Ye do err, not knowing the
Scriptures". A sound knowledge of the Word of God is a sure preventative against wrong
ideas and declension.
Apollos was `mighty in the Scriptures', but there was further truth lying ahead of him.
We are told (verse 25) that `he spake and taught diligently (accurately) the things of the
Lord' but he only knew up to the baptism of John. Accurate study is essential for getting
truth, and this man was an accurate student as far as he went. But then there were two
other believers who, knowing the truth given through Paul's ministry, were able to help
this man [grow] on further. Their names were Aquila and Priscilla; and in verse 26 we
are told that "When Priscilla and Aquila had heard, they took him unto them and
expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly". This word "perfectly" is the same
as the word `diligently', literally, more accurately. Apollos was an accurate student of
the truth but these believers were able to lead him on to a more accurate knowledge of it.
This is a wonderful ministry, when we get to know the Scriptures, that is what we shall be
able to do as God gives us opportunities. When we have got the Word of God treasured
in our hearts and minds we shall be able to lead others on, just like Priscilla and Aquila