The Berean Expositor
Volume 44 - Page 148 of 247
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is to preach Him (Gal. 1: 15, 16) as the only remedy for the needs of the individual, the
world and creation at large. We can only do this effectively when we handle the Word of
God aright and have it richly within us (Col. 3: 16), and in His strength, grace and
wisdom seek to make it known. A partial or faulty understanding of the written Word
can only lead to an imperfect knowledge of the living Word. That is why hermeneutics,
or the science of interpreting the Holy Scriptures, is of such great importance to every
believer, whether a leader or teacher or otherwise. We should not count it a labour, a
bore, or as being too difficult to get to know the principles which govern correct
interpretation. Rather this should be something that is eagerly sought after, and we trust
that this study, in some measure, has helped towards this goal.
In conclusion, the honest interpreter will always keep a supreme regard for truth at all
costs. Nor will he forget the words of the Saviour: ". . . . . Sanctify them through Thy
Truth: Thy Word is Truth" (John 17: 17), nor His constant reverence for the Holy
Scriptures (Matt. 5: 17, 18; John 5: 46, 47; Luke 10: 25-28; Matt. 22: 29) whose
primary aim is to "make wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus"
(II Tim. 3: 15). To interpret the Scriptures is a high and holy task. God will not hold
guiltless any who carelessly handle or tamper with His Word, substituting the folly and
error of man for His wisdom and His Truth.